Saturday, October 1, 2011

Civilized Spirits Sakura

Although the first cherry trees were planted in the 1600, we have Peter Dougherty to thank for making a good thing great. He searched for the perfect combination of rich soil and weather patterns that lend to healthy cherry trees for the best tasting cherries on the planet. He was the first to bring cherry pits to the Old Mission Peninsula in 1852.

Mike Hall hand crafts this cherry flavored vodka from our custom built still. With each level of distillation, the purest spirit rains though the 23 caps and trays of the still. The distillation of cherries from Traverse City’s finest orchards is expensive, but it produces a character that is unmatched. The distilled cherries, blend well with our distilled wheat vodka and the natural cherry flavor renders it delightfully smooth, with a cherry nose and distinct cherry sweetness. This cherry flavored vodka is perfect for sipping or mixing!

Just like the name Civilized Spirits implies, this is a line of fine spirits with the manners and aplomb to suavely complement any attire or mixed drink. In return for their smooth ways, you’ll undoubtedly send compliments their way. It’s this reciprocity that ensures that you stand out from the crowd whenever you stand up to fill your glass.

Our site has a long tradition of distillation. Spirits have been made on this site since the late 1800s. Bowers Harbor Inn was built in the 1880s and remodeled in the 1920s as a summer retreat for Chicago lumber baron J.W. Stickey and his wife, Genevive. The inn sits peacefully along West Grand Traverse bay amidst the majestic oaks and pines of Old Mission Peninsula. This well-loved historic structure has been a treasured part of the Old Mission Peninsula landscape for generations Sprits have been made on the site since the Stickney's moved in and we are very proud to continue that legacy with the Civilized brand Sprits.

Civilized Spirits are created in our secret forest hideaway on Old Mission Peninsula. The new distillery was built in 2009 and sits peacefully behind the existing Bower harbor Inn -- nestled between our vineyard and herb garden. Civilized Spirits are distilled on-site by Head Distiller Mike Hall. His 20 years of distillation experience and artisan passion are evident in every batch of spirits he creates. Mike works with the best farmers in the world -- located on Old Mission Peninsula -- to hand-select many of the ingredients for distillation. In fact, each of the Civilized spirits use local products from local farmers!

Percent Alcohol: 40
Proof: 80

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