Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wheat Vodka - Grand Traverse Distillery

Our goal is to offer different flavor characteristics to our customers. True North Vodka is distilled from rye which comes across the palate with sweetness and finishes with a spicy or peppery flavor. Wheat offers its own unique flavor, and we are pleased to offer our wheat vodka at this time.

GTD uses only Michigan grown wheat. We believe in Michigan and want to support Michigan agriculture in all of our spirits. The distillation process is very similar to our rye vodka and we take great care to offer a very smooth vodka that allows for the character of the wheat to come through. One of our goals with the wheat vodka was to bring a quality vodka to our market in the low twenties. To do this without compromising on quality we decided to find a lower cost bottle, passing the savings on to our customers. We hope you enjoy our wheat vodka distilled from Michigan wheat and the lower price point. The Michigan and national economy has had its challenges. We at GTD appreciate the support of our customers and are pleased to respond.

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