Friday, November 12, 2010

Valentine Vodka

In the 1920’s, Detroit roared like no place else. Bootleggers, Gangsters, Flappers and Feds converged on the city as it supplied 75% of the illicit liquor that poured into America during Prohibition. Unprecedented revelry could be found with a secret knock at any of the 25,000 blind pigs and speakeasies. Even Mayor John Smith thumbed his nose at the bluenosers and was once busted at a Mack Avenue juice joint.

Inspired by this rebellious swagger, Valentine Vodka Founder and Master Distiller Rifino Valentine decided to take a stand against mass-produced vodkas by using old world techniques and equipment to create a hand-distilled vodka with a proprietary multi-grain blend. This defiant approach has won awards at international competitions for its special taste and smooth drinkability.

A Michigan native who gave up a career on Wall Street to craft the perfect dirty martini, Valentine uses locally-sourced ingredients and partners with Michigan companies like McClure's Pickles (Try a Motor City Mary) , B. Nektar Meadery and Grocer's Daughter Chocolates.

At Valentine Vodka, it is our belief that after a century of mass-produced products, there exists a desire to appreciate goods prepared by true artisans. That’s why every step of our process, from the selection of the grains to the corking of the bottles is done under the watchful eye and guiding hand of Founder and Master Distiller Rifino Valentine.

To craft a vodka like no other, Valentine spent four years experimenting with distilling techniques and recipe blends before choosing to become one of the first distilleries in the world to use a multi-grain recipe. This proprietary blend features locally grown Red Michigan wheat, barley and corn.

In order to bring out the best qualities in each grain, our blend is carefully boiled and fermented one small batch at a time. The fermented mash is then triple-distilled to separate the pure vodka. From there, Valentine makes the critical decision, using his trained sense of smell and taste, on where to “cut” the best part of the pure vodka, which is present in the middle of each distillation run and is called the heart.

Valentine Vodka’s clean, slightly sweet taste is a direct result of how narrow this heart is cut from the heads and tails. This perfect heart is then charcoal filtered for extra smoothness. Only then does it touch the bottom of our beautifully designed bottles that introduce drinkers to the “Notoriously Good” spirit they are about to enjoy.